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MIA B-25J Near Consolacion, Cebu
B-25J Mitchell Serial Number 44-29760
13th AF
100th BS
42nd BG
Pilot 1st Lt. Leonard Orcutt (0 764 768)
Co-pilot 2nd Lt. Robert Emerson (0 796 347)
Navigator Lt Harry Bedard (0 707 927)
Engineer S/Sgt George L. Winkler (15 170 329)
Gunner Sgt Willis Ehrhardt (19 158 202) (body recovered)
Radio T/Sgt Louis Miller (13 114 684)
Location Cansaga, Consolacion Cebu
  MIA April 3, 1945
S/Sgt George L. Winkler
MACR #13743 B-25



Mission History
My brother, S/Sgt George L. Winkler was with the 13th Air Force, 100th Sq., 42nd Grp. He wrote in his journal that on November 17, 1944 he was on detached service to the 5th Air Force, 822 Sq., 38th Grp. On his last mission 3 April 1945 his plane a B-25J went down on the island of Cebu near Consolacion, Philippines. There was no fire. The patrol was advised to look for survivors. The next day civilians found Lt. Ehrhardt alive but he died soon after. Another body was found in the swamp.

Legacy of Remains

Ehrhardt was recovered and buried USAF Cemetery No. 1 Cebu 4 April 1945. Disinterred 1946 reinterred 1946 Leyte. Brought to US for burial 1948. The remains of the five crewmen were recovered 13 January 1947 and interred as unknowns in USAF Cemetery Leyte #1 on 20 February 1947, Common Grave 8490 as X 566, X 567, X 568, X 569, X 570.

In 1949 disinterred and sent to AGRS Mausoleum, Manila, Hanger 802, Row A Crypt 250 thru 254 as X 2363, X 2364, X 2366, X 2367, X 2369.

April1949 - Records stated that the remains cannot be individually identified, Assigned names of crew of Mission #299. Declared KIA 4 April 1945. The crew of five disinterred and brought to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO., for group burial December 1949.

In documents received several years ago there was a request for my brother's dental records. The year 1951. Leary at this point I was concerned whom I should contact. Several years went by. January 2001 I received a letter written to someone else in 1978. The letter was written by a Mr. Harvey. He told of how, while he was with the Army on Cebu, he recieved "several gunny sacks filled with skeletons, dog tags and a plane number" which he in turn sent to Clark AFB Manila. The year...1951! Now I knew.

Recoveries in Consolacion, Cebu Area
After the first find in 1951 a search team went to the crash site and recovered additional remains. I had been in touch with CILHI and requested IDPF's of all the crew. In those records were requests for dental records. One memo, 6 March 1951, states Orcutt and Emerson "now in our custody" and identification tags. Both are supposed to be buried with my brother in St Louis. There were several others not yet identified. No resolution as to what was done and the families were never notified I have recently learned another search team went to the site in 1953. Again additional remains were recovered. At this pont in time the government does not know where the remains found in 1951 and 1953, are. They are MIA.

Seeking Information

I have really struggled with all of this for a long time. CILHI became involved in January 2001. Their interest was in the Harvey letter. However, everytime I told them my story I was handed off to another person and we would start over. I have recently asked Senator John Warner (VA) to help. They are very interested. As far as the government is concerned, my brother is accounted for and buried in St. Louis. He is not. I want him reclassified as MIA. I have just received a DNA kit which I will send to the lab in Maryland. I appreciate this opportunity Justin has given me. If anyone can help me I will be grateful. My brother gave his life for his country. He deserves
to come home with dignity and honor.

Seeking Resolution
CILHI, Army Casualty, plus a myried of others have no idea where the documents or the remains are located - can you help?

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