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Municipality of Consolacion celebrates Family Week 2004
PCL. Provincial Councilor's League
Date: September 17, 2004
Hon. Alfred Francis Ouano from the Municipality of Consolacion was proclaimed President of the Provincial Councilor's League.

Mr. & Ms. Consolacion 2004
Official Candidates.
Date: Aug. 22, 2004. EL Monte Verde Clubhouse.
1st Screening.
Date: Aug. 08, 2004. EL Monte Verde Clubhouse.
2nd Screening.
Date: Aug. 15, 2004. EL Monte Verde Clubhouse.
Fiesta Greetings
Date: Sept. 26, 2004
Brgy. Sacsac - Sept. 14
Brgy. Tugbungan - Sept. 14

Sports Committee
Over-All Chairman:
Hon. Margox Cheer Quimod SK Federation President
Mr. Gamlil Navarro
Mr. Benedicto Abucay
Hon. Nelson Bihag
Mr. Alfredo Alin
PO2 Fredilson Judilla
Major Rudolfo Lopez
Hon. Antonieto Tomongha
Vice Chairman:
Hon. Arturo H. Quimod           SB Member
Mr. Delfin "Papong" Pepito     Mr. Jun Noel  
Sports Commissioners:  
Volleyball Hon. Marivic J. Maglasang    SB Member 
Inter-Barangay Senior Division Mr. Nelson Retiza  
Schedule of Games will be posted here.Opening
of the Consolacion Sportsfest will be on Sept. 26
Inter-LGU Mr. Jose Cuadra 
* SK or Junior ( ages 15-19)
* Senior - Open
* Senior - Inter-Barangay
* Age Bracketing - 40 yrs above
Interested teams can pass their list of players at the
mayor's office along with each preferred team colors.
More instructions and details will be given upon registration.


MIA B-25J Near Consolacion, Cebu
B-25J Mitchell Serial# 44-29760

To all Consolacionanons: Without the knowledge of everyone (especially the younger generation), Consolacion was part of the WWII History. Some time in April 1945, a B52J Bomber of the USAAF went down somewhere in Consolacion with 6 crew members - Pilot, Co-Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Radio and Gunner. I was able to know this information because I came across a plea from Mrs. Mickey Beard, a lady whose brother was one of the B25J crew. I felt her need & the importance of finding even the remains of his brother - S/Sgt George L. Winkler, the engineer among the crew. His brother was classified as MIA (Missing in Action) by the U.S Military. But she is not convinced his dead because of lack of proofs as to what happened to some of the crew. I am asking help from all of you for any information about the case which happened decades ago. I already have some amazing & interesting details about it, but I need more. I know that if we could somehow give light to some questions and mysteries of the incident that happened in April 1945 it would mean so much to Mrs. Beard.

Let's reach out to those who need our help. Go out of your way & give in to the need of others . A simple act of kindness & involvement may be small but it brings big smile to those they are given.

Hon. Marivic J. Maglasang

EDUCATION in Consolacion: Good Quality?

DISCUSSION BOARD. A sensitive topic about education was posted last August 8 by "Rugby Boys". Replies from others were soon coming in.We hope to believe that the quality of
education in the Town of Consolacion is not on the verge of being classified as "Poor".

Let us all help our next generation leaders.
The foundation of one's education is very important, it affects what a person might become in the future. To all parents, if you come to think of it - During the 1st and 2nd stages of a child's life, from the first ABCs to the last day in college - he spends 90% of his life in school & not in school. It is during these stages that a child is molding to be capable in the future.
"Lean On Me" Who are your children's biggest influence? His classmates & teachers. These two are the people your child interacts with everyday in the 90% part of his life, giving the parents the smallest role if your child's life was a movie.
starring Morgan Freeman as Principal Joe Clark.
It's not everyday a school chanced upon hiring a good teacher who cares and adopts his students as his own. A teacher who thinks of his student's welfare and future. These days? Such teachers are rare.

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