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2004 Archives



  June 2004 Archives    
2.) Danglag-Garing Bridge
3.) Danglag-Tolotolo Road


Future site of the Commercial Complex (old public market)
In the new administration of Mayor Avel Gungob, expect arrivals of Big Investors in Consolacion, paving way to more job opportunities to the people of Consolacion.
The Commercial Center is a project worth P62 million. This will be located on the Old Public Market.
Relocation of the Municipal Hall along with its many Department Offices to a bigger area, making it more accessible to the people of Consolacion.
Danglag-Garing Bridge - Danglag-Tolotolo Road. More list on Projects Page...

JULY 2004 Archives    



CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES. Pres. Gloria Macapapagal-Arroyo will take her oath to Presidency in Cebu at the Capitol Grounds. Her excellency's induction will be administered for the 2nd time by Hilario Davide, Jr. (a cebuano). It's a first time in the Philippines, for a president to take her oath outside Metro Manila. This is a very special day for Cebu City. A special non-working holiday was declared in Cebu City in her honor.

The Republic of the Philippines held its National and Local Elections last May 10th. After a long and strictly guarded Canvassing of Votes, a president was finally declared.! For her second term as President of the Republic of the Philippines, the first one being a succession of the ousted, then president, Joseph Estrada and now as an elected one.
Local elections from all parts of the Philippines were simultaneously held on the same day. In Consolacion, Cebu, newly elected municipal officials were declared last May 2004 and took oath June 28. The new administration will start office on July 1, 2004 with the Inaugural Session as highlight.
LAMAC, CONSOLACION. The Homeowners Assn. of EL Monte Verde de Cebu had their Induction and Oathtaking of Officers for the year 2004.
Organization of the Fiesta Execom Committee 2004  
JULY 7, 2004. Local officials, Dept.Heads, concerned Civic and Religous leaders and all Brgy. Captains gathered today for the planning of the Fiesta Execom Committee for Consolacion's Annual Town Fiesta on October 29, 2004 -which is  only  about two-three months away.The town of Consolacion is looking forward to a meaningful and fun celebration in honor of our Patron Saint, Snr. San Narciso.
  CONSOLACION: Going Global today for tomorrow...
The present administration is planning to put up a special organization for Consolacionanons no longer living in the municipality and those who migrated and worked outside the country. Although still on its planning process, the administration feels a perfect timing for a jumpstart would be through this year's Annual Fiesta. The Execom Committee on Special Events with its Chairman Hon. Aurelio A. Abinales, Co-Chairwoman Hon. Marivic J. Maglasang and Members shall be holding the said task. CONSOLACION is where you belong...We would like to spend every Town events with all of you today and forward..This is a big step for our dear Consolacion, we are hoping for your cooperation and support for the progress of this wonderful idea.
  August 2004 Archives    
MIA B-25J Near Consolacion, Cebu - B-25J Mitchell Serial Number 44-29760
To all Consolacionanons: Without the knowledge of everyone (especially the younger generation), Consolacion was part of the WWII History. Some time in April 1945, a B52J Bomber of the USAAF went down somewhere in Consolacion with 6 crew members - Pilot, Co-Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Radio and Gunner.
I was able to know this information because I came across a plea from Mrs. Mickey Beard, a lady whose brother was one of the B25J crew. I felt her need & the importance of finding even the remains of his brother - S/Sgt George L. Winkler, the engineer among the crew. His brother was classified as MIA (Missing in Action) by the U.S Military. But she is not convinced his dead because of lack of proofs as to what happened to some of the crew.

I am asking help from all of you for any information about the case which happened decades ago. I already have some amazing & interesting details about it, but I need more. I know that if we could somehow give light to some questions and mysteries of the incident that happened in April 1945 it would mean so much to Mrs. Beard.

Let's reach out to those who need our help. Go out of your way & give in to the need of others . A simple act of kindness & involvement may be small but it brings big smile to those they are given.


For information:

Send your email or call the SB Office at 3441245 & look for Bobby.

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